​​How randy Uber driver turns a beautiful Lagos dancer’s 30-minute trip to 3 hours

A Nigerian Instagram user, @_jossyann, has taken to the social media platform to call out a Lagos Uber driver and also warn Nigerians to be on the lookout for the horny uber driver, who has been identified as Mr. Oluwatobi.
According to Lagos Dancer, the uber man turned their  30-minute trip to 3 hours. Here’s what she wrote;
    “Hi my name is jossyann, a dance artist and a student of university of Lagos. I have been using uber for 2years now and I have never had such a devastating experience before. My initial story was a summary, here is the full version.
    On the 28 of June 2017, I started a trip with Mr Oluwatobi (an uber driver) at 7:57pm at Isolo; my initial destination was Gbagada, but I changed my trip to Omole phase 1 which was ok by the driver. My battery was low so I sat in front to charge my phone. I noticed the driver was chatty and I stopped responding when he got personal.
    At some point I noticed he was passing through dark and unfamiliar streets and I asked where we were and he said Bariga. I got worried and asked him why, he said he wanted to buy me food because he liked me. I declined and asked him to either drop me at my destination or I come down.
    He continued driving, he then said he was tipsy and horny that I should cooperate. I started making calls to friends to come to my aid because I was confused and afraid. He drove off through Yaba to different locations I was not familiar with (as shown on the map).
    He persisted that he won’t let me go until he had his way. I called my boss (director) to speak to him on speaker phone; he did and he advised him to take me to my destination in order to avoid problems; this infuriated the driver.
    I threatened to call the police, after which he started driving fast and dangerously, at this point I was afraid for my life. He was driving around town totally off my route still trying to convince me to oblige. At some point in Ikeja he refused to stop at a police check at this point I started crying, praying, making calls and my boss called again and this time he was able to convince him to do the right thing or else he will be prosecuted.
    Thankfully this time he took me to my destination. A journey of 30mins became the scariest 3hours of my life. I am grateful to God that I came out unharmed . I will like to make some clarifications, please continue reading in comment section”

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